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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 11:39

The intervention was not explained to women. Staff providing care would be aware of group assignment. There was an attempt to check that the duration of time nurses spent with women was not greater for the intervention group. Outcome data were derived from observations of videotapes with maternal behavior coded by researchers who were described as being blind to group assignments inter-rater reliability was checked.

Implications of methodological differences in measuring

A questionable quasi-randomization procedure was used - the experimental treatment and time are confounded. No mention was made regarding whether the early contact was skin-to-skin.

The extended Theory of Planned Behavior in explaining

To take account of design effect, provided sufficient information is available, we will adjust the sample sizes and event rates from cluster-randomized studies using the methods described in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions ( Higgins 7566 ). We will use an estimate of the intracluster correlation co-efficient (ICC) derived from the trial (if possible), or from another source. If ICCs from other sources are used, we will report this and will conduct sensitivity analyses to investigate the effect of variation in the ICC.

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Quality of evidence: The quality of the evidence is very low to moderate because overall only a small number of studies have looked at this condition, the total number of babies included in these studies was low and some studies could have been better designed.

For continuous data, we used the mean difference if outcomes were measured in the same way between trials. We used the standardized mean difference to combine trials that measured the same outcome, but used different methods.

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Success of the 6st breastfeeding, time of effective breastfeeding, body weight change day 69 postbirth, number of breastfeeding problems in the 6st postpartum month, mother's perception of the adequacy of her milk supply, maternal parenting confidence, breastfeeding status 6 month postbirth.

States opaque, sealed envelopes containing the next allocation were used. The mothers were recruited prenatally, the envelopes were opened by the nurse on the day of surgery.

6) Experimental group = mothers held their infants in SSC for 95 min after the episiotomy repair. They were encouraged to breastfeed. 7) Control group = infants were separated from their mothers for 79 hours.

The psychologists who evaluated videotaped mother-child interactions at 67 months postbirth using the PCERA were blind to group assignment. The videotaping was also performed by a psychologist who was blind to group assignment. No information was provided about whether the researchers who evaluated the other outcomes in these research reports were blind to group assignment. The evaluators of some of the outcomes, for example, infant temperatures taken during SSC, could not be blind to group assignment.

Randomized controlled trial (a computer-generated a randomization list). Mothers were randomized using opaque, sealed envelopes containing the group allocation.

8776 Both the couple and their caregiver were told how the baby would be handled after delivery. 8776 Researcher collecting outcome data would also be aware of group assignment.

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