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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 00:51

We are pleased to tell you that we are now able to update you further with details of our brand new Longhill High School uniform and PE kit, which will be introduced from September 7567.

School uniform

There may be good reason why a child is not wearing school uniform. In this case, parents and carers should share the reason with the Headteacher either in person or in writing. The school will always be considerate and discreet in trying to establish why a pupil is not wearing the correct uniform.

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Any parents who are unable to access the internet to make purchases or who might not be able to make payment in one of the above ways should contact the school office.

Grants to help with buying school uniforms for certain categories of pupils are available from the Education Authority (EA) in your region. Who qualifies for a grant is decided in a similar way to free school meals.

With uniforms, all students are equal no matter what their background is. Plus, they don't have to waste time to choose what are they going to wear every morning before going to school. School uniforms are also comfortable to wear so there is no point that the school uniforms should be banned.

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Schools should be considerate if a pupil does not keep to the uniform policy and try to find out why it is happening. If a family is having financial problems, the school should allow for this and give the parents time to buy the right items.

Uniforms have always been historically important, but they are not exciting anymore because they are not current with the world. We honor your school's unique spirit and our uniforms uphold your school's specific values and traditions.

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Many experts believe that when the entire student body is dressed in uniforms, they develop a stronger team mentality. When they are all dressed alike, their all-for-one-and-one-for-all comradery is boosted.

The EA is responsible for the administration of the scheme. Additional information including eligibility criteria and application forms are available by telephoning the EA in your region at the relevant contact number below.

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