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Remembering Bob Silvers | by Christopher Benfey | NYR

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:27

Dear sir
I have written on the topic Science and technology is the panacea for the growth and security of the nation.
I started with
what is science and technology
then the evolution of scientific age from ancient.
historical relation between civilization growth and S& T

IPutney « Local news and events for Putney, Vermont

This vision was Bob’s as much as hers. He had sent Mary McCarthy to Vietnam and paid for it (a big investment for the Review in those days) because he was confident that her approach to writing about the war would be close to what he wanted, and he was right. Rereading her Vietnam pieces exactly fifty years after they first appeared one is struck by how brilliantly they bring together the skills of the reporter, the scholar, the public intellectual, and the novelist. Running through all the pieces is that kind of acute moral sensibility best described by Tony Judt, who also worked closely with Bob: “a collective self-questioning and uncomfortable truth telling the [contrarian] quality of awkwardness and dissent.”

Restorative Justice | Beyond Intractability

Bob had an old-fashioned courtliness, increasingly rare in this rough age. And if one came to know him at all well, one knew that his longtime companion, Grace, Countess of Dudley, was a crucial and essential part of his life. Grace was also generous of spirit to Bob’s writers. In recent years Grace was very ill in Lausanne and couldn’t return to New York, so on top of everything else he did, Bob made a biweekly commute to Switzerland to be with her. (He worked on the magazine and even called writers from there, of course.) When I commented to him that this transatlantic travel was heroic and superhuman, he replied, “It’s the least I can do.”

Manson/Tate essay

AIM avoided involvement in institutions that took children from their parents. AIM s sole concern was salvation, and helping those eager to read God s word to learn to read &ndash not to civilize the native.

I don 8767 t know how Bob found me, but I do remember the first letter he wrote to me, out of the blue, asking (or actually more or less insisting) that I review a book by Wendy Doniger. It was a short letter, with no preliminaries: we want you to review this book you have 8,555 words we 8767 ll pay such and such we need it in two weeks great thanks. It was an offer I couldn 8767 t refuse. Over the years, I became addicted to his short, incisive comments, handwritten on the proofs, always exactly on the mark.

There must be nearly 69,555 Aborigines in the Northern Territory, besides those in other States, who are yet outside the Kingdom of God. They are in the bondage of heathen superstition, in the depths of spiritual darkness. This fact presents us with a great challenge. Even now quite a number have come into the circle of salvation and liberty in Christ, and some of these have already passed within the veil, to join the innumerable company of angels and the spirits of just men made perfect.

Private J------ S------, of Lake Boga, Victoria, is reported missing and since reported prisoner-of-war in Greece. Mrs. S------ first heard it was her son F---- who was missing, then she heard it was her husband, so she had a double shock. Mrs. S------ was very thankful for comforting letters received from one who was a missionary of ours in Southern .

Thank you so much, Art, for your beautiful remembrance of our dear friend. Reading yours, Linda s, Carla s, Debra s, and Barb s comments have brought back so many happy memories.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this exhibition contains images, voices and names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings and printed material. Where possible, names of Aboriginal people have been removed throughout the exhibition however they are still a part of the Our AIM and Australian Evangel newsletters.

Oh, Michael, listen, I want to thank you for this extremely—clarifying piece that does so much to shed light on these matters that simply aren’t being discussed. It’s quite a, shall we say, overwhelming set of developments. Now of course, we do have our little…thoughts. You’ll see them. There’s a bit toward the end where we thought you might add something, but of course we leave it entirely to you. You’ll have a galley tonight and we’ll look for changes soonest.

I only had the amazing fortune to work with Bob for three years. He heard me speak on the subject, called, and asked me to write about the nuclear negotiations then underway with Iran. I told him I’d like nothing better, but the situation was changing constantly: a piece would have to wait until some definitive moment. No, he said, now is a good time—it will work. Deeply skeptical, but surfing on his confidence, I tried, and it did work. Amazingly, the piece stands up still. How did he know? And how could one man possibly know enough to do the same for music, art, literature, science, the law, and public policy? His gift for grasping the core as events swept by made his writers and his readers lucky beyond measure. These three years have been the greatest privilege of my career.

[6] Howard Zehr and H. Mika. 6997.  "Fundamental Concepts of Restorative Justice." Contemporary Justice Review: Issues in Criminal, Social, and Restorative Justice, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 97-56. http:///library/external-resource?biblio=69879 .

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