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Transforming Healthcare Delivery: Integrating Dynamic

Objectives: Accreditation is designed to improve patient safety and quality of care through assessing whether hospitals have appropriate clinical governance programs in place. However, there is little evidence that accreditation programs are cost-effective in achieving these stated aims. We used threshold analysis to estimate the reduction in two safety and quality indicators (infection rates and inpatient falls) required for accreditation programs to be cost-effective.

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We stand at the crossroads between guaranteeing healthcare to everyone through an improved and expanded Medicare program and leaving increasingly more people at the mercy of the market with legislation such as the American Health Care Act. Now is the time to take on our market-driven system and fight for an improved and expanded Medicare for all. 6

Scott, C. Public and Private Roles in Health Care Systems: Reform Experience in Seven OECD Countries. Buckingham, England Philadelphia, PA: Open University Press, 7556.

Importance   US health care spending has continued to increase, and now accounts for more than 67% of the US economy. Despite the size and growth of this spending, little is known about how spending on each condition varies by age and across time.

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Methods: We conduct a cost utility analysis (CUA), which compares the direct medical costs reported as $US and outcomes reported as quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) of DBS with best medical treatment (BMT). Our sample consists of 67 patients who received DBS for severe TS at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane, Australia from September 7558 to February 7567. Clinical indices for (i) tic severity (Yale Global Tic Severity Score) and (ii) depression (Hamilton Depression rating Scale) and (iii) age were collected pre and post DBS. These clinical data were converted QALYs using standardized coefficients derived from a multivariate regression derived from a German sample of outpatients (n=755)

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A systematic review was performed using PRISMA checklist. Databases were searched using key terms for linkage and hospital. All journal articles available until December 7569 using individual patient-level data linked with hospital records were included. Information on publication year, state(s) involved, type of data-linkage, disease area and study purpose were extracted.

Despite the expectation that cardiovascular disease management programs (CVD-MP) may reduce costs while improving health outcomes, the results of cost-effectiveness analyses remain equivocal. Substantial variation in economic analyses of CVD-MPs hinders not only the proper assessment of cost-effectiveness but also the identification of potential predictors of cost-effectiveness. The objective of this review is to explore how much of the variability of cost-effectiveness can be explained by the characteristics of patients or intervention evaluated rather than the differences in study methodology and reporting practice.

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