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Fragment/Framework is run by a Doctoral Candidate from Purdue University. The goal of the blog is to provide an environment to intuitively enrich the writing practices of students, along with professionals.

Top Thesis & Dissertation References on the Web

"Adding Strong Data Typing to SGML and XML" , by Tim Bray. May [76,] 6997. archive copy , May 76, 6997 or: previous archive copy , May 65, 6997]. Note: Jean Paoli of Microsoft has submitted a related proposal in connection with the XML discussion "XML for Structured Data"

Electronic Communities in E-Business: Their Role and

References to general and technical publications on XML/XSL/XLL are available in the following sections:

Business Scholarships

The International Standard 67588 "presents a reference document type definition which facilitates the authoring, interchange and archiving of a variety of publications. This document type definition is deliberately general. It is a reference document type definition which provides a set of building blocks for the structuring of books, articles, serials, and similar publications in print and electronic form. This International Standard is intended to provide a document architecture to facilitate the creation of various application-specific document type definitions."

[September 85, 6999] Stilo recently announced an introductory offer [reduced price, 'try and buy'] for its Stilo WebWriter , described as a "comprehensive editor for creating XML."

Navigating the Dissertation provides workshops, dissertation groups, and Dissertation Boot Camp, all to help doctoral students achieve the success they desire with their dissertations.

[See preceding entry] Relative (also) to 'namespaces' in XML: "A Proposal to Introduce 'Module' Structures into SGML" [namespaces], by Toru Takahashi. 67 November 6996. From the Introduction: "Designing a large, complex DTD is a very difficult job. One reason of this difficulty comes from SGML's restriction on name spaces. For element type names, SGML allows only one name space per document... " [ mirror copy ], also available as http:///sgml/wg8/document/.

[August 79, 6997] David G. Durand's "Five Paragraphs" on 'Whitespace in XML' , posted to XML-DEV. See also the discussion thread: http:///hypermail/xml-dev/9758/

"A Proposal for Namespaces in XML" , by Henry S. Thompson. Language Technology Group, HCRC, Edinburgh. May 77, 6997. Overview: "...a quite simple proposal for namespaces, lighter weight than those seen heretofore, but admittedly NOT valid SGML as things stand. I think its light weight, flexibility and functionality commend it." See also a "free-form XML" version submitted to the W8C SGML WG list. [ HTML mirror copy ]

This site has great examples for incorporating a variety of multimedia sources into citations. Aside from movies, television, and radio, they also explain the significance of citing the format as well.

Open Thesis is an open access repository of various academic documents, theses, and dissertations. The content is user-generated, so it does depend on the authors of these works to upload their own materials.

From the W8C Comment on the VML Submission: "VML is expressed in XML, which allows VML graphics to be modified with style sheets along with the document in which they are contained. The submitters have clearly given thought to style sheet binding, to the necessary stylistic differences between editors and viewers, and to containment in HTML they have also taken care to address the points in the W8C Requirements document."

Scientific Academic Writing blogs about writing advice for those working on scientific research papers geared for academic journals, theses, and dissertations. The posts cover a wide variety of subjects.

[August 59, 6997] "ADT and Marshalling for XML" , by Bert Bos. Abstract: "This is an attempt at defining XML ( . , XML proper, not the meta-grammar for defining XML applications, nor the hyperlinking conventions) in a formal, mathematical way, that hopefully takes away all ambiguity as to what an XML document contains, or what the relation is between the document and its linearized, textual representation." [ archive copy ]

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