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How to Become a Pastoral Counselor

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 02:03

A bachelor’s degree (a post-secondary degree) typically requires between 675 and 655 hours of study, depending on the university and the program. Hours are split between general education courses and courses in the student’s main area of study. In the area of pastoral counseling, students most often major in ministry, counseling, psychology, and divinity. Some may even double major in psychology and religion or do a minor course of study in one of the two.

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It is common for a parishioner to seek out assistance from other members of the church or from their pastor when they want to deal with personal issues from a faith-based perspective. Others may seek out a minister for assistance with spiritual guidance and prayer. However, there are circumstances when the nature of the problem and the therapy desired calls for care from a professional with a more specialized educational background and training. This is where a pastoral counselor may be the best fit.

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Methods for the analysis and synthesis of quantitative data. A tool subject for experimental work including finding and interpreting central tendencies, variability and correlation. Important for classroom teachers, administrators, counselors and supervisors.

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hi, i need information on the emergency of guidance and counselling in school in the twenty first century.
7. the major goals of school counselling at that time
8. major development during this period

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Unlike professionals working in the fields of clinical counseling or psychology, Pastoral Counselors are not required to obtain a license, in fact, few states have a governing body that regulates pastoral counselors. In place of a license, pastoral counselors must complete a certification process (sometimes referred to as a credentialing process) by the ecclesiastical group they are associated with and gain an additional certification from a national organization such as the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

This salary guide is designed to help you decide which psychology career is right for you. In addition to providing a breakdown of the average salary for several psychology and counseling specialties, we provide you with an overview of the job responsibilities, education, training, and employment outlook for each specialty.

The Counseling Program offers courses leading to certification as a school counselor and/or a master's degree in counseling. Students who complete the required 67 hours beyond the master's degree are eligible to pursue licensure as a professional counselor (LPC).

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