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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 11:02

The problem is you 8767 re a stupid, indoctrinated narcissist. That 8767 s the problem. You 8767 re so stupid and narcissistic you can 8767 t even read.

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One of the most important things, among many things that happen when women take charge, is the men become femenized. Not effeminate and not feminist, but femenized. Their world view is what the women want them to think even as they think they are uber masculine. He says they have great physical courage, but not much moral courage.

Australia: The Land Where Time Began

And, there is a different type of intelligence, though we might debate if intelligence is the correct term. Over the centuries there have been gigantic increases in technology and science. Over 95% of those advances were created by very unusual men. Few such advances have been made by women, nor by most men.

Natively unfolded proteins: A point where biology waits

The problem is you 8767 re not 8775 just a girl 8776 , you 8767 re stupid, indoctrinated, and a Cultist, which is why you 8767 re here. Even if it was 8775 satire 8776 you still wouldn 8767 t get it.

Obviously you, Matt, and every other compensating fool in this thread who needs to believe this stuff to feel good about himself for once are the big exceptions.

Truth be told, something has provoked you into dedicating massive amounts of time, and energy to disprove something of great importance to you. Something has arroused this dire need of yours. Let 8767 s face it, this article isn 8767 t really aimed at giving, 8775 That girl a hand 8776 , now is it? No, this article you wrote for your own benefit alone. The very sentence I quoted of yours above gave it away. You openly displayed discomfort, and your own insecurities.

I am not who I am because of my vagina, and you are not who you are because of your penis. Using genitals as an excuse for your behavior and attitude toward women is the same bullying that you claim I do because of mine. But I do not say all men are idiots, and I do not claim all women are geniuses. I am simply arguing that, overall, we are equal.

Because I have faith you aren 8767 t too irretrievably stupid to know how Google searches work, that 8767 s why. I could certainly be wrong on that though, and going through some of your earlier posts I see you might indeed be that one irretrievable.

Camille Paglia, a devout feminist but not a man-hater, has admitted that if it weren 8767 t for men, women would be living in caves, wearing clothes made of rabbit skins. I agree, though I am not totally sure about the rabbit skins

Several months ago, I was on Twitter killing time when some teenage girl started sending rude and insulting Tweets at me because she was  offfeeennnded  at my article on why most girls shouldn 8767 t bother going to college. I initially ignored her, but when she continued to harass me, touting her 8775 GPA 8776 and how smart she was, I clicked through to her profile and did a little research. Turns out that this oh-so-intelligent lady was spending  $58,555 a year  to major in  acting. Furthermore, while she was not unattractive she had a good bone structure, a cute face and huge tracts of land she was at least twenty pounds overweight, so several of my followers started calling her fat. What was her response?

I am sure you can give thousands of reasons why there are and should be women-only colleges, but no men-only colleges, though the real reason is female sexism.

So, your error is thinking such men as Matt and myself are evil vile vicious jerks, whereas we are merely average men who have moved beyond doing anything possible to get into women 8767 s pants.

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