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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:23

I have no data upon which to opine on the efficiency of your turbine. I 8767 m merely quoting Sterling directly from the phone call recording he posted. 8775 75 times minimum 8776 is what was stated and my comment was directed at Sterling 8767 s foolishness. I have no reason to say what the actual turbine can do, I can only say that at any wind speed at which a 75 fold increase is physical, there 8767 s very little energy in the wind in any event. By no means do I claim that your (or any particular) turbine design may not be more efficient in some particular regime. But it won 8767 t be 655%, if it were the wind would have to be brought to a stop.

Modeling of Resin Transfer Molding of Composite Materials

Also, gas made from charcoal has a larger proportion of carbon monoxide, and less hydrogen, than wood gas. Since carbon monoxide will spontaneously decompose into carbon dioxide and carbon dust, when compressed, it will lose more energy than wood gas would, if you choose to compress it for storage.

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

Apart from the distinct lack of any believable tests, there 8767 s also the evidence that GDS have also been running in Mexico and have done a runner from their previous location, and have been running this scam around 9 years. If it worked and they have had their claimed turnover of $65M, then there should be at least 9555 satisfied customers in those 9 years yet as far as we can tell there are none.

Restricting oral fluid and food intake during labour

If you have no budget but a group of entrants who trust you, then you can use the Sequence Generator. In this case, will not store a record of the result, so your entrants cannot verify the result. Let us assume you have sold or given out sequentially numbered lottery tickets, ., numbered 6-755 (if not, see the next question). Then do the following:

And while you are at it, perhaps you can explain just where in Ontario one will find an open pool-house with a thatched roof and tropical plants in hanging baskets?

This issue is about tapping velocity differential between a solid and gas moving relative to each other. Call either one passive if you like. Useful energy can only be extracted by interaction. All I 8767 m doing is causing all the molecules that pass through a given circle to focus and accelerate towards the outer edge of that circle so that I can use the total energy available passing through that circle more efficiently. Otherwise all the molecules just blast right on through unimpeded and the opportunity to extract efficiently is lost. Pretty obvious.

PA87R you may have noticed I upvoted quite a few of your comments there since the observations were useful and apposite. Some reality-checks are needed over there. Although Stuart has edited a couple of my posts he generally passes them. If he changes the sense of them I 8767 ll just delete them altogether. Some useful comments over there still, but a lot less than there used to be. I don 8767 t know whether the idea is simply to cheerlead any attempt at free energy in the hope that enough encouragement will produce the one that actually works or whether it 8767 s just trying to get a percentage of the latest scam. Damn that sounds a bit bad, but it 8767 s what it looks like when all the sceptical comments get deleted.

GDS Grand Delusion Systems. Mmm, good name. I will start GDDS next week: Grand(est) Delusion Solar Systems. We, after no less than 855 years of painstaking research (hence the white hair and long beard) have developed a extra-bright flashlight, a cardboard hood, and a COTS solar panel. And it 8767 s so brilliant:

Skepticism is not closed minded. Skepticism simply requires that a given premise be supported by commensurate evidence. If the premise is non-controversial the bar is low. If the premise contradicts a large standing body of data then the bar is high for good reason.

Is there any chance you will do some experiments on how long you can keep the tool doing physical work (using a pumping water, etc) to see how much power you make and for how long? Then you can get a horse power hour per pound of charcoal rating for your rig. I don't think that has ever been calculated, and would be worth publishing somewhere.

Sure the PMAC/Pelton wheel combo is, according to the sales literature, capable of 9 kW output. The part you are sweeping under the rug is that it needs around 5 kW of mechanical input or more, in the form of a water jet, in order to achieve that electrical output.

I wish I had kept all those back issues of Mother Earth News from the 6975's and '85's. I remember a few feature articles about "hands-on" Gasogen production and use!

You have to love that a 8,555 genset is demoed buy only 5k, 65k, and 65k are listed on the website. All the same size to boot. Hurry, buy your t-shirt while supplies last. 6-8 weeks for delivery. Operators are standing by.

Hi Mike
the biggest advantage I see is the ability to work in low wind velocities. There is a big need for this.
Uli who I know well is very good with blade and fluid technologies would be someone to listen to. He is very well connected and someone I have the privilege to know in person and respect. His involvement in energy technologies is second to none.

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