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9. Indent one tab-space under each Roman numeral section and type a capitalized letter for each of your related ideas. Type your related ideas next to each capitalized letter.

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A. Identify Topic: put it in your own words to show your individual understanding
B. Main Points: What are the main ideas you want to convey or need to convince your audience?
C. Arrange your main points in a logical order and list them in the outline
D. Create sub-points beneath each major idea
E. Evaluate your outline. Look over what you have written. Does it make logical sense? Is each point suitably fleshed out? Is there anything unnecessary?

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You shouldn't have to go further than this. Also note that Microsoft Word tends to use a different system of ordering, though this can be changed. If you have to hand in an outline to your professor, it wouldn't hurt to check and see if they care about the numbering system. Otherwise, this outline is for your use, so use whatever works best for you!

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Macro outlines tend to work well in conjunction with clustering , as the short phrases from a clustering exercise can translate quickly to a macro outline such as this one.

It is the final part where you have to present all the results you got from the research and make suggestions for further development in the field.

An outline is a way of formally arranging and developing your ideas. Though formal in form, there is a great amount of flexibility in how you might approach making an outline. It can be made either before you&rsquo ve written a single word on the topic or after a draft or two. It can quickly cover the main ideas or become a detailed, in-depth undertaking.

xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 Transition: A transition is how you move from one section or
xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 xa5 point to the next. It is a linking idea.

Outlines can be an invaluable tool when writing a paper or other document though not absolutely necessary, they are valuable to a writer in the same way that a blueprint is valuable to a home builder If you take the time to write a good outline, the rest of the writing process can be quite painless or even enjoyable!

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