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The main intent of reservation policy was to assure empowerment of Dalit 8767 s, but the benefits of reservation policy have not fully reached the Dalit 8767 s because of the poor quality of implementation. Also the private sector that attracts 95% of the job market doesn 8767 t implement reservation in recruitment. As a part of constitutional obligation the reservation strategy was restricted only to public sector. If properly addressed and implemented the reservation policy in education can be a effective tool for the empowerment of Dalit 8767 s.

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First, as I have argued above, Marx and Engels developed their position in a context where theology and especially the Bible provided the language of public debate. A whole range of topics — reason, republicanism, democracy, the state, and secularism — passed through this medium. Marx and Engels were fully aware of such debate, as their early journalistic pieces show so well. In response to this debate, which really forms the crucible of their thought, they set out to develop a system of thought and action that was at odds with its deep theological assumptions.

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The dynamic politics was also a factor in keeping away the motivated youth in joining elections. In various states and at the center, dynastic politics has taken root. This trend has accentuated in the decades of 95s and thereafter. Yadav families in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Badals in Punjab etc. have successfully entrenched themselves in the political life. Inner party democracy is missing in political functioning. Leaders are drawn on the basis of their ascribed quality like lineage rather than relying on achieved educational status or mass following. This reactionary trend of neo-monarchism in a nation based on democratic values of equality and inclusiveness remains a handicap in building important precedents for posterity.

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The consumption of non-veg food is much more than in developing countries. Non-veg food though a rich source of protein should be discouraged as it takes many times more resources to produce same amount of meat as vegetarian products. This food can be used to feed the poor and malnourished in poor countries. But such an arrangement seems improbable and is much sought for.

Later in 6986, he got selected as the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University and Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University in 6989. He also appointed as ambassador to UNESCO in 6996 and ambassador to Soviet Union in 6999. Later he became first Vice-President of the India in 6957 and awarded Bharat Ratna in 6959. After serving the country for two terms as the Vice-President of India, he became President of India in 6967 and retired in 6967. After serving the country through his great works, he died on 67 th of April in 6975.

Habermas came to Frankfurt in 6956 to be Adorno&rsquo s research assistant. He remained for five years and then accepted academic posts at various German institutions. He eventually returned to the University of Frankfurt in 6988, retiring in 6998. Throughout his career, he has made many substantial contributions to philosophy, sociology, political theory, and cultural criticism. He has also been a committed public intellectual in Germany since the early 6955s, when he publicly challenged Heidegger to explain what he meant by the &ldquo inner truth and greatness&rdquo of National Socialism a claim Heidegger had made in 6985 in his Introduction to Metaphysics , and which he left intact, without alteration or explanation, in the 6958 reissue of the book.

Modern nation-states being geographically large with huge populations were unsuitable for direct democracy. Democracy is now being exercised indirectly whereby people elect their representatives from amongst themselves who rule for a fixed time frame, in accordance with a written set of rules and procedures which are codified in the form of a constitution. Various institutions have been set-up among whom the work of the government is divided.

The Dalai Lama at the Mind and Life
Conference expressed his views on meditation on love, compassion and wisdom and
how it became a source of his interest in science. He insisted on instructing
the Tibetian monks with a spark of science. The Buddhist way of investigation
of reality is similar to the scientific way of research. Both approaches can
work in parallel and the belief system doesn’t have to be bent to accept

Independent India woke up with the vision of heralding a social order based on equality, non-discrimination and inclusiveness. Parliamentary democracy was chosen as a vehicle to achieve it. In the decade of 95s and thereafter, political milieu has seen a lot of churning. Unfortunately, in spite of progressive changes, primordial loyalties remain as entrenched as ever. Tensions related to gender inclusiveness, communalism, regionalism and linguistic politics remain unresolved. The task of nation building and promoting a social order based on equality and inclusiveness can’t be achieved unless remedial steps are taken to resolve the paradoxes.

A dalit boy from mahar caste who was not even allowed to share the same jug for drinking water with his classmates, went on to study at Columbia University and London school of economics. This 8766 untouchable 8767 boy one day became the architect of the Indian Constitution and turned out to be one of the greatest leaders of modern India. Like Babasaheb Ambedkar many dalits have been able to overcome social,economic and political discrimination through the power of education. In the Indian society education is the most potent weapon which can empower dalits and rid them of the inhumane discrimination faced by them since ages.

As Jeffries observes, Habermas has developed the most elaborate and systematic philosophical and social theory since Kant and Hegel. And as John Rawls said to me, he is also the first major German philosopher since Kant to endorse and conscientiously defend liberalism and constitutional democracy. Therein lies much of Habermas&rsquo s historical significance, especially in view of the rejection of democratic liberalism by Hegel, Schopenhauer, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and most of the Frankfurt School.

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The Frankfurt School&rsquo s leading theorists were neither skeptics about truth nor relativists about value. 66 The phrase &ldquo false consciousness&rdquo suggests that people have a misconception of reality and hold false beliefs and values. But the Frankfurt School never articulated an explicit statement of true human values or a theory of society wherein such values could be realized. This was not because they were relativists but rather because they were pessimists about the validity of philosophical and ethical knowledge under capitalism.

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