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Leroi-Gourhan, a Philosopher of Technique and Evolution

What relations authorize within these two forms of reflection this radical element that seems their common being? To be honest the difference of level between the Critique and the Anthropology is such that it discourages, at the beginning, the undertaking of the establishment of a structural comparison of one with the other. As a collection of empirical observations, the Anthropology has no 8775 contact 8776 with a reflection on the conditions of experience. And therefore, this essential difference is not of the kind/order of a non-relation. A certain crossing analogy lets one half-see in the Anthropology like a (photo) negative of the Critique.

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A month ago appeared a new work on Commerce entitled Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en g x55E9 n x55E9 ral in a fairly large duodecimo volume. This book has not been translated from the English, as is stated with design upon the title page. It is a work originally composed in French by an Englishman, M. de Cantillon, a man of condition, who finished his days in Languedoc, where he had retired and had lived many years. *68

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What affects the synthetic activity -the opening to this freedom- is what limits it placing it, for the same fact, in an indefinite domain. In the Critique, time becomes transparent to a synthetic activity that was not temporal itself, since it was constituent in the Anthropology, dispersed time mercilessly obscures and renders impenetrable the synthetic acts, and substitutes to the sovereignty of the Bestimmung [determination], the patient, friable and compromised incertitude of an exercise that is called Kunst.

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From all of that it may be concluded that, while both doctrines x555B those of Cantillon and the Physiocrats respectively x555D have certain points in common, there is too much missing to justify calling Cantillon "the father of Physiocracy" and hence the originator of economics as a science. The latter claim founders especially by reason of the lack of a moral philosophical basis, such as suited Quesnay's as well as Smith's system. Cantillon was an acute thinker and was extraordinarily well educated for his time, but for all that he was a mere merchant, like North, Child, and later Ricardo. He was not the founder of a science.

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a) From a formal point of view, psychology postulates an equivalence of inner sense and apperception, without knowing their fundamental difference, given that apperception is one of the forms of pure knowledge, -hence without content, and solely defined by the 8766 I think 8767 (cogito), whilst the inner sense designates an empirical mode of knowledge, that we make appear to ourselves in the ensemble of the phenomena tied to their subjective condition of time.

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