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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 23:39

Academic Summer Camp
Since 6999, APLUS academic summer camp has been known for its excellent quality in both teachers and curriculum. A variety of course choices are offered. Whether to advance or to improve their academic ability, students will find the academic summer camp very helpful. That is the very reason why there are more than 655 students enrolled in APLUS summer camp every year.

Pat Wilk - One day, one essay. Done right. Guaranteed.

Just think: the essence of what is you, condensed into one flawless single-spaced page - a page that will speak for you, that will determine your fate - perhaps, in fact, shape the rest of your life. All of your training time somehow comes down to this. The clock is ticking. It's game time.

At College Essay Boot Camp, you're in good hands. We know there is an incredible essay in you, and it's our job to let it out. The process of getting there is almost fun, will certainly hold some surprises for you, and will leave you with some skills that can help you in college. In fact, once you work with us, you'll never look at an essay the same way again.

We can take you from absolutely no ideas to an essay you'll be proud of in one day.

College Essay Boot Camp

Should you visit a college's campus before applying?  How do you make the most of a college visit?  Take the campus tour or wing it?  The answers to these questions and more are in today's College Admissions Boot Camp session!

College Essay Boot Camp

Our bodies are holistic, courageous homes with a singular mission (in a multi-faceted world): live! It's up to us to realize and share the rich outcomes of that drive. "A conversation" is a place for members of our community to do just that.

The college essay is arguably one of the most important pieces of writing our students will ever produce in their lives, but so many of them are trying to chart a course to college on their own. College Essay Boot Camp can be the critical support students need. If you were there, you were no doubt captivated by the student stories you read and edited.

The senior year can be a stressful one, one in which students encounter a heavy academic workload. Piled on top of that is the hours of work it takes to fill out college applications. Students who enter the senior year with a solid college essay draft find they have better balance and less stress. We will engage in generative writing exercises, and students will have a chance to work with Abby and a college admissions dean one-on-one. Students will also have the chance to work on college-specific essays, with guidance, if they would like to do so.

They will learn how to use effective and figurative language and discover their unique narrative voice. Their rough drafts will be shared with other students as part of a supervised peer-review. The objective is to solidify students’ foundation for writing in the narrative. Full 8-day commitment is required.

Some parts of the college application are submitted by the student, and some parts are the responsibility of others.  Today's video session focuses on what the student needs to submit.

So now that there are a bunch of schools that don't require the SAT or the ACT, do you still need to take it?  Find out in today's session why you REALLY should still get a score on the books!  (Hint - it is all about keeping your options open!)

Pam Ohriner, founder of Helping Hand College Guidance, is offering a 65 hour college essay workshop to freshman. University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan University, California Institute of Technology and many other fine institutions.

Never done something like this?  All the better.  Sara hadn 8767 t either before she began this line of work.  But nothing feels quite so good as giving all your physical effort to your self-knowledge, self-development and writing.

I like College Essay Boot Camp because if it were not for this camp I would not have started writing my college essay until the very last minute. This boot camp forces you to sit down and brainstorm a topic. When I walked in, I only sat down listening to Gayle and Roseanne speak for ten minutes before we had to get to work. I finished my essay before my second class was even over with the help of two amazing teachers. Now I can start my school year stress-free unlike my other classmates.  (Essay Boot Camp Senior-Class of 7567)

You will learn to breathe bigger and better.  You will learn to adjust your minds to open to the tasks at hand.  You will learn about your mind.  And you won 8767 t mind. In there is your super-power.

During the course of the camp students will work on the Common Application, college essays, meet with college representatives to review their essays and so much more. Cost is $755. See attachment for the application and more specifics on the camp.

Nearly all college essays--and the exceptions are very few--should attempt to connect a story from your past with you high school accomplishments to your future goals.  The idea here?  Hit past, present, and future.

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